Creased Plastic Sheet (premium identical to marked Correx Sheet)

This exceptional review, twinwall fluted plastic sheet offers productive answers for a wide assortment of utilizations.

It would be ideal if you take note of this item is not made by Correx, but rather is our own image, premium identical and offers enhanced pulverize resistance and inflexibility contrasted with normal Correx sheet.

Contrasted with choices, for example, cardboard, metal or inflexible plastics our corex proportionate sheet offers the accompanying interesting points of interest:

Prudent : both being used and buy – Crack-safe

Adaptable : as a material and as application – Strong and tough

Naturally stable : completely recyclable – Light

Water and damp safe – Unlimited reuse

Standard or tailor-made – Good concoction resistance

Affirmed for nourishment bundling – Easy to print

Effortlessly hand or bite the dust cut

Crown treated for screenprinting (4mm, 6mm and 8mm as it were)

Our standard grade folded plastic sheet has a fine woodwind and arrives in a standard 4mm thick/700gsm weight sheet with an extraordinary determination of hues accessible to purchase on the web: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.

Additionally accessible is 6mm thick layered plastic sheet and 8mm thick creased plastic sheet.

Our floor security sheet evaluations are an industry driving 2.5mm thick/350gsm offering propelled surface insurance – and is accessible in Premium and Premium+ FR (fire-retardant) grades. Perfect for floor and surface assurance in structures.

We likewise offer our ProTect board: a froth overlaid plastic sheet – giving improved surface security to one or both sides of the standard sheet.

The ordinary sheet estimate for these items is a standard 8 foot x 4 foot (2440mm x 1220mm)

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