Entry & Exit Formalities

Migration at Bandaranaike International Airport is direct.

Traditions Regulations

Sri Lanka visa has the typical rundown of disallowed imports, including drugs, weapons, new products of the soil remotely explicit.

Things permitted:

0.25L of scent

1.5L of liquor.

There are without obligation shops in the entries region before you achieve baggage carousel at the airplane terminal. Other than alcohol they incorporate machines like blenders and iceboxes.

For more subtle elements, see Sri Lanka Customs.

Visa Fees

The visa expenses are as per the following:

Travel visas useful for 48 hours are free

Standard 30-day vacationer visas cost US$35

Acquiring a Visa

Before going by Sri Lanka, do the accompanying to get a 30-day visa:

Visit the Sri Lanka ETA site a few days before arriving.

Take after the online application process and pay with a credit or platinum card.

Once endorsed, print out the visa affirmation.

You can at present get visas at Sri Lankan government offices abroad and there is a counter at Bandaranaike International Airport for individuals who touch base without a visa, in spite of the fact that you’ll need to hold up with the other visa-less masses and pay a little punishment.

Visa Extensions

You can restore a 30-day vacationer visa twice, for 30 days each time. Contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration. Augmentations are not hard to get but rather require going through the motions and downloading a few structures.

International IDs

You should have your international ID with you at all circumstances in Sri Lanka. Before leaving home, watch that it will be substantial for no less than six months after you plan to return home.

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