High and Low Density Cartridge Heaters

Heatco make Low Density Cartridge Heaters configuration comprises of helically twisted resistance curl produced using nickel-chrome wire, uniformly extended and hung through openings in a round earthenware separator. The component get together is embedded into a Chrome Nickel Steel sheath through round protectors. This amalgam gives the best mix of physical quality and imperviousness to warmth oxidation up to 3000c. Combined Magnesia is utilized to fill all outstanding space inside the artistic split cartridge heater encasing to expand warm conductivity, dielectric quality, and give longer working warmer life.


  1. Welded/fixed.
  1. Hard-headed Insulators.
  1. Arrangement 300 stainless steel sheath of accuracy measurements and resiliences for cozy, stable, non-oxidizing contact

with holes machined for them.

  1. Component wire arranged in nearness to outside surface for most extreme warmth exchange and least inward

temperature while safeguarding great dielectric qualities. E. Magnesium oxide pressing.

  1. Fired component bolster.
  1. Fired top.
  1. TerminalsHeatco make High Watt Density Split Sheathed Cartridge Heaters utilizes less power, runs all the more effectively and survives progressively that that of round and hollow sort traditional Cartridge Heaters. Because of its lengthening capacity it grasps the shape when invigorated leaving no air hole and contracts when it chills off separating the accompanying favorable position.
  • Maximizes Heat Transfer
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reduces the Cost of operation.

The development of Heatco make High Watt Density Split Sheathed Cartridge Heaters dispenses with clay centers ordinarily found in ordinary cartridge warmers. Heatco with its nonstop in house examine and having exceptionally concentrated assembling procedures compacts intertwined magnesia around the warmer loop such that builds dielectric quality and warmth exchange far from the curl which brings about altogether longer radiator life. The radiators contract when de-invigorated, disposing of bore seizure and the requirement for costly penetrate outs.

Focal points High Density Split sort Cartridge Heater:

  • Easily Replaceable
  • Longevity
  • Fast Heat Transfer
  • Higher Watt Densities
  • Higher Operating Temperature

Standard Dimensions of Heatco make High Watt Density Cartridge Heater

Despite the fact that we have a standard scope of Heatco make High Density Split Sheathed Heater we as a rule make tailor made cartridge warmers according to the necessity of our customers to coordinate their warming prerequisites in lieu to the size.


  • Dies and Molds
  • Package Sealing
  • Liquid Heating.
  • Food Services

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