How to Replace a Jean Button

A missing jean catch can make your most loved pants unwearable. Be that as it may, supplanting a jean catch is less demanding than you may might suspect. You can utilize a substitution apparatus to adjust another catch properly in a rush, or you can sew on another catch. Figure out how to supplant a jean catch with the goal that you will know how to make this minor repair on pants.

Accumulate your materials. Jean catches are normally made of metal and they join to the pants with a stud. jeans buttons and rivets manufacturers  In this manner, you might have the capacity to supplant a pants catch with no sewing. To do this, you will need:[1]

Substitution catch

Catch instrument

Press on denim fix


Press on the fix. A fix will fortify the territory where you will put your new catch. Slice the fix as expected to guarantee that it will fit into the space behind the catch. At that point, press on the fix as per the maker’s directions.

On the off chance that you can’t locate an iron on denim fix, or don’t wish to buy one, at that point you can likewise get a bit of scrap denim and stick or sew it onto the zone behind where you will put the new catch.

Embed the catch pieces into the apparatus. Jean catches come in two pieces. One piece is the catch and the other is a support piece with a stud that interfaces with the catch. Put the two pieces into the catch substitution tool.[3]

The catch will go into the bigger opening and the support will go into the littler space.

Line up the catch. Next, close the catch device halfway and slide it over the pants. The catch side ought to be on the external piece of the pants and the stud piece ought to be on the inside.[4]

Attempt to adjust the pieces with the goal that they will be close to the area of the old catch, however so that the stud will experience the denim and the fix.

Sledge the catch into put. After you have situated the apparatus, close it as much as you can. At that point, get the mallet and hit the instrument to snap the two pieces together.[5]

Simply give the catch supplanting apparatus a tender tap with the mallet at first and afterward increment the compel if essential.

After the pieces are secured together, you can expel the apparatus. The new catch ought to be secured and the pants ought to be prepared to wear!

Strategy 2

Sewing on a New Button

1 Accumulate your materials. Sewing a catch on set up of a missing catch is another simple approach to supplant a missing pants catch. To sew on a catch, you will require:

Substitution catch


String (utilize a substantial obligation or denim string)


Little denim fix (discretionary)

2 String a needle. Embed the string through the needle’s eye. Draw the string through the eye so that around 18 crawls of string is dangling from the eye. At that point, clip the string to make the pieces even.[6]

You can purchase pre-strung needles in the event that you would prefer not to trouble with threading a needle.

3 Position the denim fix. In the event that your pants are as yet in place where the old catch was found, at that point you should not utilize a denim fix. Be that as it may, if there is a crevice, at that point adding a fix can balance out the new string.

The fix does not should be enormous. Sufficiently vast to cover the territory behind where the catch will go.

You may press on the fix in the event that it has glue on the back, yet this is redundant. The string will hold the fix set up.

4 Sew the catch into put. Embed the string through the back of the pants where you have situated the denim fix. Sew through the fix and the pants a couple of times to secure the string. At that point, embed the needle through the catch on the front side of the pants. Next, drive the needle back through the denim and fix.

Keep on inserting the needle through the catch and back through the pants a few times until the point when the catch is secure. At that point, cut the abundance string and tie it in a tangle to help keep it secure.

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