India Private Label Chocolate

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Choco Crafters are Mumbai,India based Handmade chocolates Manufacturers, We fabricate an extensive variety of formed Chocolates with assortment of fillings in various sizes and shapes. We are entrenched and Experienced in the market having considerable assembling capacity,capabilities and satisfactory offices to embrace substantial Chocolates orders and are managing vast associations and corporates for their expansive Corporate Gifts,Business Promotion Chocolate Gifts,Events Gifts and so on.


For over 10 years ‘Choco Crafters’ has manufactured itself to be a famous organization had some expertise in high quality Chocolates,Creating its Brand and market. private label chocolate manufacturers Through contract fabricating and private name producing, the organization has made radical change in the Indian chocolate Market by making a business opportunity for Contract Manufacturing and outsourcing it’s assembling abilities and ability to accomplices for chocolate private name fabricating.


We additionally work with Retail Stores and vast Chocolate and Confectionery fabricates and take into account their prerequisite in assembling of chocolates with their Brand name or mark, We request enquiries and requests for shaped Chocolates on contract producing or on work reason For any enquiries for contract assembling of formed chocolates either on Private Label supplies or employment work premise or simply mass supplies.

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