Modest Tanks – multiplayer battle amusement searching for players!


Your tank can now be updated with 12 unique parts, consolidated together to make your own tank outline. Soon these overhauls should be purchased with in amusement coins, earned by step up and getting murders. Be that as it may, for a couple days they’re all promptly accessible to everybody, so as to test them out and get them all reasonable and adjusted.

Level Vault

You can now transfer your uniquely designed levels for the entire group to play and rate.tiny tanks unblocked Peruse through many custom maps other individuals have made and offer them a go-ahead or a thumbs down.

Walk twelfth Update: 8 Players in 1 diversion!

Amusements now bolster up to 8 players! The slack pay has been reworked so it ought to be much more strong at this point. There’s likewise another (monstrous) delineate 8 players, and a choice in the anteroom for the camera to be zoomed out more in diversion, which gives assist perceivability and feels like there’s more breathing room. 🙂

February 26th Update: Single Player Campaign

The single player crusade is currently up. It may require an adjusting a tad bit, so I’m following every one of the wins/misfortunes individuals make so I can make acclimations to the AI, or the request the levels are in. Tell me what you think!

February 2012 Update: BOTS!

Single player has been a profoundly asked for expansion and it’s well on its approach to being executed. CPU controlled bots have now been added to the amusement, and can play in recreations nearby human players. In about up to 14 days will include a full single player battle, beginning with an instructional exercise level to get players used to the controls, then going through a portion of the levels against progressively extreme AI players. Tell me what you think!

Hello everybody, I’m the designer of a multiplayer amusement here on Kong called Tiny Tanks, it’s a phenomenal diversion yet it needs players! I’ve been in contact with the Kongregate group and they prompted me to make a string here to examine the diversion and rustle up intrigue.

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