Is my organization name, area name and trademark free?

Presently it will be less demanding to decide whether a business name is accessible, and assuming this is the case, regardless of whether the space names and trademark additionally is empty.

That is on account of, the Patent Office, Norid and Brønnøysundregistrene united to make the administration called Navnesøk.

In this hunt one sees whether somebody has utilized the business name one is thinking about, company formation and if a similar name is accessible as area name. In a similar question states additionally on the off chance that anybody utilizes this name as the trademarked.

In its public statement composing Brønnøysundregistrene enlist that the that the request in which one enroll names is essential. Navnesøk-administration will help one in making this organized appropriately and confine naming clashes and name snapping. The point of the arrangement is to streamline the name look handle and all the while see the different significant enrollment openings at startup.

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