“Shiza” The Awaited Drama Serial abandon Us Spellbound


With the expanding danger personality of class division circles the ethic and social esteems are being blur away as the desire of cash is becoming under the skin of real masses, Ary Digital presents another tempting dramatization serial “Shiza” by IDream Entertainment will be on disclosed, the play is coordinated by Syed Ramish Rizvi and composed by Syed Atif Ali as their cooperation has made a radiant piece that talks itself. The show throws Aijaz Aslam, Sana Chaudhry and Farhan Malhi in driving parts.

With the official trailer of the play gives us a rundown of a lower working class family required in kid trafficking as the guardians sold their little girl Sana Chaudhry to Aijaz Aslam , watch ary digital dramas a rich man with influence. Sanam has done an extraordinary work in the dramatization as her acting abilities has all around prepped. The plot of the play is captivating and has a potential grasp to hold the watcher to its circle as it were.

“Shiza” is a genuine delineation of a developing issues of youngster trafficking, exchanging young ladies and other calm unpredictable standards the general public is confronting. Sanam is anticipating a part of a young lady who raise her voice against the ruthlessness of the traditions in spite of the fact that she appears to be extremely disillusioned of her folks by making her a snare in a snare for society to claim her reality.

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