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We Have Achieved All of the Goals We’d Set So Far Including Buying 3 Properties Within 6 Months of Completing The Course My better half and I are exceptionally satisfied with the RWA course since it has given us the certainty support we expected to begin putting resources into Real Estate. The pragmatic and demonstrated certifiable understanding conveyed amid the course spared us years. We’ve accomplished the greater part of the objectives we’d set in this way (counting purchasing 3 properties inside 6 months of finishing the course), and feel exceptionally certain that we’ll accomplish the majority of our (very forceful) objectives with the support of RWA. Real Wealth Australia by Helen Collier-Kogtevs is dedicated to help as many Australians to reach financial success with property investment strategies that work!

The future looks great!!

From a commonsense viewpoint, the cost of the coaching has paid for itself a few circumstances over in the initial 6 months of the program. With Helen and Ed’s coaching, we’ve abstained from committing a few errors that would’ve taken a toll us considerably more than the RWA program. Organizing with different financial specialists is another advantage we’ve encountered that has yielded sudden, yet intense outcomes. One of our buys was a ‘gathering purchase’ that we could never have even considered without access to various similar financial specialists. We found the nature of the presentations and take away materials high, and would altogether prescribe the course to any individual who is truly contemplating putting resources into property. Ian and Jacqui Campbell, Victoria The aptitudes, devices and certainty they have given us we would have never completed in the event that we hadn’t the course.

We have dependably had solid enthusiasm for property and had acquired a few speculation properties before. We were extremely intrigued by developing our portfolio however did not have enough learning or solace to push ahead. There was a dread that we may over-confer or settle on a poor choice which may trade off our circumstance as overwhelming acquiring was overwhelming. Investigation loss of motion had settled in. Helen and Ed have given us the learning and through this the certainty to take our contributing to another level with objectives and a system that we are transforming into a reality.

More than this however Helen and Ed have been extremely promising and taking part in their educating and displaying and their enthusiasm is motivating. The aptitudes, instruments and certainty they have given us we would have never completed in the event that we hadn’t the course. We are excited to have as of now acquired two properties this year with bounty to anticipate. Notwithstanding this we are rebuilding our accounts and are more mindful of our financial plan. The course and tutoring have permitted us to see a great deal more behind the way toward buying properties. The astonishing board of specialists and incredible systems administration have permitted us to develop us much as we have as such.

Being a piece of a gathering of similarly invested individuals is motivating in itself far from the regularly negative demeanors from associates and family. We are excited at where we are going this year and onwards toward our extend focus of budgetary opportunity in only four years. Go after the stars! Spear and Helena Facer, Victoria They Have Certainly Taught Us So Much Helen and Ed are there at all times… “genuine individuals” who are there consistently you accomplish your property contributing objectives. They have absolutely shown us to such an extent. We prescribe them to both learner and master alike.

David Glat and Monica Tanner,

East Bentleigh, Victoria

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